Reflection of heart and mind.

Wall to Wall

Today is Sunday. It is a beautiful day to relax and enjoy.Ava is almost done with her Sun salutation when she hears the buzz in her phone. But she ignores. She lays with closed eyes in the Savasana pose on a reversible deep blue yoga mat decorated with floating blossoms. Ava opens her eyes slowly ,looks at the statue of Buddha in front of her.  She is not a Buddhist, but She loves and adores the meditative pose of Buddha. This serene statue always brings so much calmness, peace and wholeness to her life. Ava folds her yoga mat, carries it to the closet. She adjusts her eyeglass on her nose perfectly then, extends her hand to pick up her phone from the cherry wood finish sofa side table to check the messages. Ava looks at the daily prompt: What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?


Ava tilts her head,looks around the house at the pictures on the wall. She likes decorating her house with statues or pictures to create a peaceful atmosphere. She thinks, that decorative items are the powerful medium of expression. But she does not have a whole lot or not any of great artists but, she has some meaningful ones. Pictures holds deeper meaning about who we are and how you want your guests to feel in your house.

Ava walks on the textured soft plush carpet of her living room. She stands close to the wall and lifts her eyes up to the  picture of flowers. ‘ Flowers are the music of the ground from Earth’s lips, spoken with sound’- Edwin Curran.

20150215_084722 (1)

Ava leans against the wall and remembers her childhood days. This memories always come in slow procession, follow one another. Her parents had a  beautiful garden full of different types of Oriental flowers. She was in the elementary school. In the week ends her favorite place was the garden. She used to run in her tiny feet, sit close to the plants, sometimes hug them softy, talk to them, tell them all her secrets, read them make belief stories and even sometimes lean against them and cry softly to relieve her sadness. And she loved it. She liked them more than her other friends in the school. Time passes. And even now Ava loves the flowers. She enjoys their beauties in each petals: their different  smell and various colors. The delicate, gentle flowers bring so much peace, joy, tranquility in the life which she wants to share with others.

Ava  tucks her stray strand of hair behind her ear and walks across the room to the other corner where she has the picture of mom and baby elephants. Ava loves elephants. She touches the cute face of the baby elephant in the picture. This was a birthday gift from her daughter. She looks at their eyes closely’.They are so intelligent, kind loyal, empathetic and portrays strong family bond and team work spirit and those are the wonderful qualities Ava wants to be present not only in her house but also in others. ” Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing.” John Donne.


Ava walks on the wood floor to the hall close to her children’s bedrooms. There she has the a big wall hanging with wisdom quotes. Every morning, before the start of a day she likes to glance at the inspiring, motivational, energizing  quotes and wishes her children to spend at-least a minute to read the quotes. They make the life so much easier in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day life. She smiles remembering the reaction of the kids,’ Mom we do not have time to read the quotes in the early morning, we are getting late to work, but we  know how to handle the life, do not worry’. O’ well, may be I am the one who enjoys reading the quotes in every morning’, says Ava. 



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