Rearranging Life

Enough Is Enough

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. Anne walks softly on the bamboo floor of her living room to the study without disturbing the sleeping dog. She opens the white lacy curtains from one of the window, and then slides into the Sloane cream-colored leather sofa.She leans slightly to right on the couch, reaches out to her i-pad, opens it, and goes through her list of activities for the day. suddenly the grey cat crawls in from behind the couch, sits close to her foot and purrs softly. Anne checks the to-do-list and does not find any thing interesting. She is tired of wandering in the shops and over collecting all the brand name items, visiting to the beauty salon, nail salon and the spa frequently. Anne turns her head and looks around the room with bewilderment and shock.It is overwhelming to see her collections. Anne thinks to herself ‘That how pitifully she has been wrapped up in Consumerism. She feels her lifestyle as very shallow and boring.

‘It must be the psychology behind being popular, or showing off ‘, she thinks to herself.Then she leans back more on the couch and closes her eyes and thinks again, the reason for her unhappiness. She has a huge limestone Chateau with antique portraits on the living room and dining room walls, on the staircase, museum quality Italian mirrors reflecting the dining room suits of Georgian chairs, a beautiful garden,her trips to different luxurious places, trendy clothes,overfilled drawers,  own business and lots of friends.Then Anne’s eyebrow draws together as she thinks hard,then she rests her chin in her hand, her elbow prop on the side of the couch.
‘All these beautiful, luxurious things promise so much happiness, but really they never deliver, instead they slowly begin to rub us of life’, Anne says and decides that’ enough is enough, no more of this show offs with brands and luxury, I want to escape this vicious cycle’.

Anne stretches her legs a little more. Then she gets up and leans on the big bay window and looks outside. Her expression softens.Then she gasps as a  brilliant idea flashes in her head. Anne gives a tinkling laugh.Even her dog startles, and comes up and gazes at Anne with her big brown eyes. But then she wags her long brown tail with a little white tip and licks Anne, as if she fully understands her ideas and agrees.

Anne decides to spend more time is creating new things; writing, sketching, spending more time with her family and extending her hand to the needy. Now her mind is filled with delightful thoughts of spending this beautiful Sunday to start with a long walk with her daughter and dog.

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