Meeting Mom

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First!.”

I was trying to chase the tiny, cuddly, yellow puppy with silky fur, big green eyes and small tail. It was so much fun. We ran around the big trees and the bushes and even ran close to the lily pond.  At one point I had to stop and watch the brown squirrel with stripes on his body trying to carry the nut. Then the puppy came from behind me. He tried to get my attention with a soft bark as if to remind me that we are in the middle of a game so I needed to continue that chase.  In the middle of the beautiful chase I heard my name

“Wake up Sue, wake up”

I opened my eyes slowly and saw my grand- mother, dressed up with a beautiful sari and sparkly gold jewellery. She leaned towards me and said “There is a surprise for you, so get ready quickly, we have to go to the airport.”

Like all kids, surprise was a nice word for me, although, it was associated with so many things.

Lots of different thoughts wandered in my tiny brain and excited me too much.  My grand- mother’s happiness associated with surprise could mean a lot of things, either I will get a real puppy, or a new dress again or we will go for a long drive, or a coloring book or may be a new parrot for the empty cage (for the third time). I could not think of any thing else. It was too much to think in the morning.

We are a very big family with lots of aunts and uncles and maids to help. That particular day they were all running around, decorating the house with beautiful lights and flowers, cooking various delicious dishes,  as if there will be a big party. I was wandering around in the house and looking at the decorations and the excitement on every one’s face when one of my aunts carried me to an upstairs bed room and put me on a chair. She opened the closet and looked for a pretty dress, then dressed me nicely with a light blue silk dress with white laces on the border and small white flowers on the collar. I had a gold chain on and two bracelets on both wrists. I turned my face to the mirror and liked my reflection.

I was almost ready to go down stair to see the surprise, but my aunt asked me to sit still on the chair in front of the mirror. She combed my long thick hair and made a nice ponytail. She bent down with a big satisfied smile and squeezed my cheek.  Then she carried me downstairs to the car. I sat close to my grand –father. He was very tall and handsome and always had a big smile on his face. He was and always will be special to me. I loved him a lot. He used to carry me everywhere and bring the things that I liked -sweets, chocolates, ice cream and lots and lots of books.  I loved my grand- mother too. She was a very loving, gentle, kind hearted and warm person. She used to take me to movies, to sari and jewelry shops and to her friend’s houses. Every night she used to tell me beautiful bed time stories. They were more than parents to me- they were my Universe, for five years. As I was the only kid in the house, I was on everybody’s radar. I was not a princess from the fairy tale but was treated as one in the house.

There were three cars with aunts and uncles.  We drove to the airport thirty minutes from the house. I could see the big entrance gate.  We got out from the cars and walked towards the building. I held my grand- father’s hand and walked up on the stairs. I looked through the big glass window, it was very sunny but the sky was blue with nice white puffy clouds. I like the color blue that always make me happy. Then I noticed the big, long plane. Lots of people were coming out from them. I turn my head to see my grand -parents and noticed their twinkling eyes, big smile and lots of excitement on their faces. I thought may be the big plane and the people were the main reason of all these happiness. After a few minutes a door opened and grand- father carried me inside and all the others followed him. There was a tall guy with a lady and a small boy.  They came and touched my grand- parent’s feet and hugged each other. I saw a few drops of tears on my grand ma’s eyes. Quickly I handed her a cotton napkin to wipe the tears because I do not like tears. I like smiles and lots of them.

I turned my head towards the lady standing in the corner with the small boy. She had a fair skin, long hair in a braid, and big eyes with eye glasses perched on her nose. The small boy, taller than me, also had a fair skin and big pink cheeks. This is the first time I saw such fair skin or I did not notice it before. The lady walked towards me with a pretty doll and handed it to me with a smile. I looked at my grand -parents to a make sure that if it is fine to accept the doll from the stranger. They held my hand gently and told me that “Go ahead take the doll. Do you know that they are your dad and mom and the boy is your elder brother? Go give them a hug” I looked at them and my grand- parents with confusion and surprise. I stepped back. In my mind I was in a dilemma about two sets of parents because my grand-parents were the world to me, and I could not live without them.  Then suddenly I had one more pair of parents and a brother! I backed away few feet and hugged my grand- father tightly with tears in my eyes and said “I do not want to call anybody else dad, because you are my dad, is not it?” He bent down and wiped my tears then told me “we are your grand- parents and loved you too much.  Your dad went to Canada to do his PhD with your mother and elder brother. That time you were just a tiny baby so you stayed with us. Now that they are back you should stay with them. But in every weekend you will come and stay with us and we will have fun too.”

I looked up, around with a disturbed emotion. My lips were half opened as if to say something but drew a breath and stood silent. My heart squeezed.  I did not understand these strange relationships but had to accept.

I opened my hand and took the doll from my mom.

( This is my real memory of meeting my mother in the airport.)

9 thoughts on “Meeting Mom

  1. mreedmccall says:

    Very beautiful and full of honest emotion. I’d love to read more! Have you thought about compiling your memories into a longer, book-length form? Your writing style is lovely, lush, and draws me right in. 🙂


      • mreedmccall says:

        It would depend on the kind of memories you’re writing or intend to write, I suppose.

        You can have chronological “chapters” in a memoir, with each highlighting certain important moments of your life, or you could weave them into a novel (as I did with my book) and use them to punctuate the fiction you’re creating (though in that case, they’re no longer completely autobiographical as in a memoir, since they’ve been fictionalized).

        I think a collection of chapters from your life/experiences etc. would be lovely, but only you know what other moments you’ve written about or intend to write about, and whether you would have enough to work with in a memoir type book.

        Good luck! I hope you find your format and keep going. 🙂


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