A touch stone

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

Today is Friday. Like others Emma is in a happy mood and eager to go home early. She plans to  take a long walk with her dog, make international call to her family, bake cookies for the charity event in her neighborhood. She turns her head slowly to the other corner of the room and notices how the cheerful office staffs are discussing about the delicious cheese cake they baked, or the wonderful gifts  they have received for Christmas and about the New Year’s Eve party. Emma smiles and thinks to herself that ‘ Yes there are so many ways to enjoy the life’. Then Emma adjusts her eye-glass and tries to concentrate on  her article on the’ Global warming’.

Emma wants to create a magic  through her journal. Creation is fun. She loves to play with the words and bring the reality to the reader. Writing is one of the most powerful technique and a perfect pathway to communicate with the readers. Emma as a student of Psychology and her deep interest in the recent psychological researches understands, that the readers attitude shift to become more congruent with the ideas expressed in a creative writing. Emma slowly moves her thick bangs from her forehead and concentrate on her writing.  She tries to add more powerful words and more reality to touch the readers. The words one chooses in the writing, reveal a lot about one’s thoughts and attitude. Her strong determination is to inspire, motivate and change  the reader’s mind. She always like to see the world through optimistic lens. Emma looks at her final draft for the last time then hits the ‘Send’ button.

Emma loves bringing smile to others.  The main purpose of her  creative writing is not only to uplift the spirit of others but also to be a strong voice against  the animal  cruelty, child labor, human trafficking, women’s right and global warming. She rests her chin in her hand, her  elbow on the table and looks outside through the glass window. The overcast morning has settled into a beautiful afternoon, high clouds rolling  across the blue sky.

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