The chain of thoughts.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

A book lays spread on the coffee table before Avery The scarcely perceptible wind flutters its leaves at intervals. Avery looks closely at the paper with the picture of a lost dog and the phone number to contact,  which the old lady in her neighborhood handed her while returning from the walk. Avery’s forehead is shaded with a heavy cloud and eyebrows pulled together. The sad face of the old lady, her trembling voice, and the collected tears on her lashes flashes on Avery’s eye. She has to help the lady in finding her dog. Outside the window, the sky is darkening so she decides to hit the trail in the early morning before she leaves to work.

Avery walks into the study room to get her laptop to read the news.  and something catches her attention. She slid the chair closer  to the screen. She blinks a few time  and looks again at the daily prompt that is to write’If you could spend the next year as someone radically different from the current “you” — a member of a different species, someone from a different gender or generation, etc. — who would you choose to be? Avery thinks to herself that it will be really wonderful to be somebody else for a year.’ Life is a stage and all of us play different roles in various ways, so it will be perfect to be somebody whom she adores’-Avery thinks to herself. Her lips half-opened in a vivid smile.

Avery turns her head slowly and  looks up to the ceiling, and tries  to remember all her wonderful heroes for whom she can change this life. She bends down to write the delightful thoughts that have entered to her head.

Avery’s first hero is’ Mother Teresa’,who was the strong advocate for the less fortunate people and her compassion, kindness and dedication to serve the poor, needy, orphan children. Avery also likes to be brave and strong as the kings from her History books. A big smile plays on her lip. In her mind the famous Mogul emperor Akbar is the perfect one, -‘ powerful, intelligent, great admirer of art and culture, loved by everyone’. But something is not right. Avery stops typing, leans back on her chair and thinks to her self’ that Akbar had to go to war which is the only drawback and it will not work with her. Because she can not see any violence she likes to see peace within her and around her’. At this serious situation another beautiful thought flashes in her mind, and her expression softens. Avery remembers that how she love the concise, witty, ironic, wise writing of Jane Austen and how she portrays the romantic lives of the middle class  English society.  Avery leans more closer to the key board with twinkling eyes with satisfaction to type  her other idea which is to be a romantic poet like William Wordsworth and how much she loves the poem of’ Daffodil’.

Suddenly Avery stops writing and leans back on the chair again. The serious thoughts draw her eyebrows together, and make the line on her forehead more visible. A heavy blanket of reality begins to sink in.

She thinks to herself that, the life she has presented with is very wonderful too. Her life may have ups and downs just like others, but she can not exchange  this precious life to be somebody else! She has learned so many things, and her life is blessed with many wonderful friends and families. She can try to bring  the  likable good qualities of the famous king Akbar into her life to make it more meaningful. And also Avery decides to try her best in cultivating some of the writing abilities of Jane Austin or William Word worth in her creation although, it may be a little hard. Avery gets more philosophical and thinks ‘ that we all have inner heroes, if stirred to actions the inner hero is capable of  performing tremendous goodness’. Just like Mother Teresa she can try her best to help the others in need in her community. By re-living and thinking through the lives of our models, we can find ways to make  and remake ourselves in the ongoing quest to build our own life worth living.

So Avery decides not to exchange her life even for a year she is very satisfied with the current one. Her eyes sparkle joyfully. Avery stops writing, and reaches out for the phone. She calls the older lady to cheer her up and to assure her that  next morning before she leaves to work ,she will try her best to find her dog.

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