A Delicate Heart

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Happy Joy Joy.”

About midnight  the storm comes rattling in full furry. There was a violent wind as well as thunder. I wake up with the sound of the thunder.Then I could not sleep, but lay staring at the ceiling. I walk into the kitchen and sit on the kitchen chair with a big glass of water. I listen to the quite hum of the house asleep ,the purr of the refrigerator as it cycled.  Then slowly dragg my feet to the living room. There I try to settle down on my favorite cushion with a sketch pad on my lap. But I could not draw a thing. The feeling of tightness and suffocation grow on my chest. I wander across the room to the window and look down at the  pretty Snow drops hiding in the rock garden on the terrace. There I linger to rest, draw in a few more breath of the soft, sweet air but the feeling of restlessness would not stop. I rest my chin on my hand, with elbow propped on the chair’s arm and try to relax.

Around 1 pm I received a phone call from the ER about my son’s car accident. I dropped down on my knee by the chair and sobbed. After a while, with lots of courage I  drove to the hospital. I waited for three to four  hours until the doctors made all the test and the small surgery. It was early morning when I saw the doctor . He walked towards me, put his hand on my shoulder and told me ‘ I have a good news for you, your son is doing fine and will recover soon’. I hugged the doctor and thanked him for my son’s life and cried softly. But this time the tears are from the  joy for having my son back, and the overflow of love, and affection of a mother’ heart.

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