In Retrospect Yesterday you invented a new astrological sign. Today, write your own horoscope — for the past month (in other words, as if you’d written it October 1st).

Being practical is important, but sometimes prediction is desirable . I agree with William Shakespeare’s quote that “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves; we are underlings”. But When I close my eyes and sit still, I feel a connection with the entire cosmos, then D.H.Lawrence’s quote “We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac. The zodiac is well worth flirting with.” seems more attractive to me. On my view, everything which happens to us, even the smallest or seemingly most insignificant event,happens for some purpose. I am so excited that I got a chance to write my horoscope.

October is coming with a beautiful Fall, and  the festivals like Halloween, Hajj, and Diwali. Now I want to give a good prediction so the month will be more enjoyable.On the full moon eclipse, a golden triangle will appear in the sky, which will elevate my creativity to a award-winning standard. Really! my eyes sparkled joyfully to think it will  inspire me more in writing.

 Mars will continue to be until October 25th, which will  give me more energy and determination. The new moon is setting a new chapter falling in the twelfth house, where my intuition will be strong and powerful. I leaned back a little on the chair, and stretched my arms and smiled. My strong intuition will help me to know more about my children, and I do not have to ask them so  many questions.

The  12th house rules the subconscious mind, so  it is a superb time to quit a bad habit. I rested my chin in my hand and pondered about bad habits. I stared at the ceiling, looked around as if searching for an honest answer, then looked at the laptop screen, and decided that I do not have any bad habits. Although I can try  eliminating sugar from my diet  which is the hardest of all.

Mars will move out but I have to do best not to buy any important electronics until November as new smart phone, flat screen tv or kitchen appliances. This will work out fine with me, because I can wait for the Thanksgiving sale.

In terms of love and fun, I will have magnetism that others will not fail to see. At this point my smile deepens. The expectation of  getting to know a lots of new friends through blog posts gets stronger.images (2) images


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