A New Norm for modern civilized Society

The shrill sound of the doorbell startled Stella as she was concentrating in coloring the pages with her two years old daughter.  She headed towards the door and opened it slowly thinking about the unexpected guest.  But surprised to find that the small package at the door front. From the back she heard Loren’s soft voice mom what is in that box? Is that the thing you ordered for your recipe Then abruptly Stella replied, ”O’ yes you guessed it right my dear, let me open it first.’ Both went to the kitchen and Stella opened the box and there was the interesting stuff to make delicious brownies that she ordered for the competition.

She asked Loren if she wanted to help her in making the special brownies.  Stella was not a very confident baker, but she wanted to be the best in her subdivision. She baked two dozens of brownies, sprinkled the rainbow colored chocolate chips on the top, and wrapped them nicely.  She looked at them and felt proud for the wonderful job. Next day after work, she hurried home, picked up the brownies and headed to the community hall with both her kids and husband. The competition started. She looked at the tables and saw so many different types of brownies. The judges tried all the sweets one after another. It was very quiet for a while then suddenly some of the judges started giggling then laughing loudly, rolling on the carpet and some of them came and hugged Stella and asked her about the secret ingredient. She did not understand at all about all those strange things that were happening there. She just wanted to win the prize. Her family waited patiently to the end, then after the announcement they left without getting the first prize, but a business card and a big inviting smile from one of the chief guest. On the way back to home Stella and her husband both was thinking about the whole incident and about the strange business card.


The following morning Stella was getting ready to go to work and her husband was watching the news when the phone started to ring. Stella hurried to answer the phone and could not believe the words she heard. “MS Stella, good morning, we are calling on behalf of the Cooper Mason Venture in Colorado, to congratulate you that we are glad to hire you as our new brownie supplier and if you have a little time we can discuss the deal in details”. I want to stop the story here and give the reader a chance to think about the outcome and the new, strange trend that is going on here in this society.


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