The beautiful bond

Emma looked  at the watch, it was almost 11.30 am.Today  she had taken half day off to volunteer in a elementary school.  Every Friday, for past ten years she has been  helping  out in different schools for special projects.. It is always fun to be with the kids either in story telling or in art & craft where you just forget everything and pretend to be another kid but enforce positive interactions. Children’s understanding of the  world develops as they carry out actions arising from the need to answer to their questions & interacting  with real situations in a positive way.So she prefers to visit the schools and teach the students  different realistic ways of  accepting nature and ways to preserve it .Emma arranged all her papers in her briefcase and walked to the car. As she was driving,  for a little while she drifted away to her childhood.

Emma was in love with nature when she was only five years old. She was a very quiet child but enjoyed every bit in her parent’s beautiful  garden full of different flower & fruit  trees.  She loved to talk to the trees, read stories from the books & sing to them, as if they were her best friends.  Even when she was in the elementary school , after school  she used to run and hug the trees , talked about her school, her other class friends & teachers. One day when she returned from school, she noticed  that  the gardener was trying to cut some of the dead branches from one of the tree and she ran towards him and begged not to hurt the tree , even cried a lot.The gardener was surprised but left. Emma  hugged the tree and subbed  quietly for  a long time.Towards the end of middle school she read few books on the trees and how they can understand your feelings , your love and that attracted her more towards the magical , mysterious, beautiful nature. ” For  in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if  it were made of gold & silver”- Martin Luther King.  Suddenly  the shrill voice from the cell phone’s Waze app  startled her “your destination is to the right”. Emma  turned into the garage and parked her car.

As soon as she entered the hall, there was a warm welcome from the kids,” Good afternoon ms Emma”.Emma smiled, hugged a few  kids, and together they walked into a big room. She pulled her chair closer to the kids and started telling about the nice project for the day. Emma started telling the kids about the story related to the project, “There was a nice journalist named Julius Sterling Morton in Nebraska, who advocated to conservation programs and the importance of  the trees. He  proposed a  special day dedicate to tree planting. After a huge success of one million trees in 1874, on 1970 president Richard Nixon proclaimed the last Friday in April  as  “National Arbor Day”.Today his family home Arbor lodge is a state park in Nebraska, over the year it grew from four rooms  to 65 acres with 250 varieties of  trees and shrubs”.So we should help  & beautify our earth, by planting , adopting, donating trees, recycling  papers, reducing energy use,hang dry our clothes.

Emma asked each one about their ideas to help in beautifying the earth and surprised at their thoughtful answers.After the history of the Arbor day they all went out to the garden with lots of excitement to help Emma in her tree planting.Even some parents came to join too. That was a very fruitful and memorable day for all of them.

It was kind of late when Emma returned to home. She sat on the  garden chair  and  watched the flowering trees in the back yard and how the beautiful birds nesting on them,and singing.It is always so peaceful just to sit there quietly and listen. Before going to bed  Emma  pulled her diary to write down a  note that ,” I am always grateful to  the Creator for creating the wonderful  nature, the patient trees for listening to all  my stories & my songs, showering me with love, and  my  promise is to preserve & protect you   until my last breath.”

. ” Trees are beautiful in their peace, wise in their silence, stand after we dust, they teach us  and  we  tend them” Geleain Alteim


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