Red carpet.

Two weeks back there was a grand welcome for Spring. Trail was full  with bikers, strollers, runners , school play grounds with children  playing basket ball, small kids in the swing sets.There has been a sudden burst of happiness everywhere. I even  cleaned all my winter clothes and arranged nicely in the closet .  I went out side to water my rose plants and could not resist to laugh out loud, to see all of the blooming roses pink, Yellow, orange -yellow mix, white etc. etc. Really they are my favorite ones. I brought out all the mulch bags to give around trees. Then my trip  was to the back yard, to check the vegetable plants and the fruit trees. They look so happy and healthy, have grown a little taller, lot more leaves on the fruit trees, swinging slowly & softly in the Spring breeze. I patted them gently to assure them that I will nourish and take care  properly.

Yesterday I woke up very early to start the beautiful day with a long walk  in my shorts and tank top both the dogs on each hand as if we are  a non separable entity.. It was very enjoyable until I felt  a very warm and sweaty, both the dogs were huffing and puffin g as if we were running the whole trail,  but must be the humidity which is not new in Houston. But we had a good time, sharing time  & bonding with each other.

Like every Monday,next morning I was preparing to leave for work , slowly  grabbed my  purse  & opened the back door to go to the garage.  There I was standing outside on the deck, with chill wind on my face,  and  tried to remember that was it Spring or Winter. It was very cold, must be in 40’s. I dropped my bag ,looked around, to make sure it is the cold crisp air, the presence of Winter. It felt as if my love is back again. Really, I mean I like,  Spring & enjoy, but  I am madly in love with winter. I tried hard to stay calm, but suddenly my body started moving side to side   with the music of the  wind and then it was worth seeing the  dance.   That is only for my love. whom I  can tolerate and please  forever and ever.

I hope  that all of my reader will enjoy the lovely experience.

Good night.


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