Extraordinary Performance

Olivia  for the last time peeped through her presentation points. This is her third speech for the company. As a vice-president  she has such a busy schedule, but some how she manages few hours in every month . Her boss, Mr. Butler, just walked in to accompany her to the stage, “Are  you ready ms Olivia?” She tried to hide her emotion but smiled, and said “Yes Mr Butler,  perfectly ready to win the hearts.”

After the presentation she was overwhelmed with the reaction of the audience. CEOs of different companies, from different states,  organizers, and her colleagues all  came forward to congratulate her. It was a long day but pleasant and satisfactory. That evening when she  was washing her face something caught her attention in her own reflection in the mirror. She went a little closer and looked.

There she is, the five years old little Olivia, standing in one corner of the room. Her mom has dressed her in a beautiful sky blue dress, combed her hair in a pony-tail and asked her to go and join the guests. She stared at the  long rows of the wedding guests, and felt as if getting lost among them.  In every function in her house same gathering had been  going on, always festival and always crowd. She took one step out of the room, looked closely that nobody was watching, then walked swiftly to one of the pillar to hide behind and in her head thanked her grandfather for building all those pretty pillars in the  big Victorian house, a wonderful place to hide from the crowd.

It took her half an hour to move closer to the crowd and finally to find few kids to play with. This type of behavior was very strange for her outgoing, fast paced, talkative so-called extreme  social family. Even in her college she always preferred to participate in small group activities to boost her self. Always she preferred a few close friends to share, books to read, a more solitude life to write  for self-reflection.Olivia blinked her eyes to hide the tears and felt sorry for the little girl who needed so much help that time  to overcome the fear, the helplessness. May be the decision to make her stand out is the right one.

After she joined in the workforce a remarkable change has taken place, The shy, quite, scared little Olivia   has turned into a more confident,  a very social, outspoken,all energetic,  likable person. But at home, she prefers her quiet life, her free time scoring music, gardening, sketching. Sometimes it is  strange to see her own acting on different stages in different ways.

Olivia wiped her wet  face,  and went to her study room to look at the research paper on personality studies, that how it tend to occur in patterns. Introvert as the best philosopher and the extrovert  as fearless leader. Most of us have a little of both, the various  selves of situation factors which predict the person’s behavior Some people are more  aggressive with peers and subordinates  but docile  with authority figures.   To some extent we always admire the extroverts in our society as more out going, fun- loving. And on the other hand  Introverts have a trait called self-monitoring, a high skill, where they monitor and modify the behavior, enjoy deep one to one conversations, opt for e-mails over phone, like to express ideas in writing.

Olivia closed her eyes and, thought for a moment.  Then she decided that the best way to act out of character is to stay true to  her self as Shakespeare advised ” To thine own self to be true” but  also she has to  perform her best depending   upon the stages she is acting on  and the situations.

Good night,  and hope you enjoy my view on personality and my decision.


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