Beyond Imagination

Last week there was a big warm welcome to the Spring . People have started embracing the fresh outdoor. Parents enjoyed  the spring break with their family in bike rides, picnic on the beach, preparing the yard for new plants with mulch, Miracle grow soil ,compost etc etc… They have started getting use to listening to the beautiful song of the Myraid bird in the early morning, sometimes the song sparrows and the pecking sound of the wood pecker. Even on some of the tree one can notice the Red-tailed hawks courting each other with acrobatic fights,dives & screams. The lovely earthy spring smell that the land produces with equal parts of rain& soil, grass & ozone fills up the atmosphere feels  heavenly. The beautiful Daffodils and Snow drops have covered the lawns .Tourist have gathered to see the nature’s finest floral display  of Texas Blue-bonnet  and the eye catching Indian Paintbrush.The two together present a bouquet of colors with deep blue and bright orange.  Also the rain & snow  coupled with recent  temperature  have proven to be the perfect  combination  for  the beautiful Mexican gold puppy blooming season. On the Lost Maple the fragrant Mountain Laurel are putting to bloom.

In the middle of all these wonderful scenes , one after another,  suddenly comes  the recent weather forecast, that  the winter storm is coming back again with rain , sleet and snow.  It is unbelievable, but is it  one more hint of global warming?

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