A beautiful Saturday

The chirping sound of the baby  birds  woke me up . I looked  through the window. Beautiful rising Sun has painted the sky in pretty color , some neighbors  are getting ready for walk with their dogs. I have been waiting for this day. After joining in the new job it is getting hard to make time for workout . But today I decided to go early to the gym and try the new class they are offering. Morning tea can wait so gulped a glass of water and left for the class.  It is very hard to find a parking place mostly the first two months of the year as if every one suddenly gets aware of their health and tries to stick to a healthy routine.  The parking lot was very full but I found one empty place.  As soon as I entered  ,saw Christy a little older, friendly  lady  must be seventy but she is like an inspiration , never misses the gym.  We walked into the class room.Five minutes to class start, so I found a comfortable spot ,tried to relax, stretch a little

. A tall skinny lady walked in with a shirt it says’Body combat ” The music started slowly, pulsing from side to side as the music builded up then the fighting started. It consisted of simple punches,boxing ,shuffling .hard side and back kicks, shoot lunge. Sweats were pouring like water and heart was thrubing faster and faster.I was trying hard to concentrate on the Brazilian martial art “Ginga” and once mastered it flowed perfectly. Right at the end I was doing the fast and powerful  shoulder blasting jabs. When the class ended I was so tired but at the same time  a smile of inner satisfaction that I was able to finish the class. Legs were cramping but I walked towards the new instructor and thanked her for her time and for the class.  The big smile on her face showed her satisfaction too. I was walking slowly towards the car giving gratitude for the wonderful start of my weekend.


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